If you’re a busy real estate agent, you probably spend a lot of your time on the phone. Clients and customers need to reach you at all hours, and nothing is more frustrating than to have a deal fall through because of a missed connection. That’s why taking on a virtual receptionist, somebody who handles your incoming calls for you, is quickly becoming an indispensable part of operating a real estate business. Here are three ways a virtual receptionist can help your realty firm flourish.

Virtual Receptionist Catch Clients Who Might Otherwise Have Moved On

Studies have found that only 20 percent of people who get a business’ voicemail leave a message. The other four out of five people hang up instead, and many never call back. Having a virtual assistant to take those calls, especially from interested parties and first-time callers, ensures that potential buyers and sellers always get a real person on the phone who can answer their questions and make them feel confident you’ll get their message. That saves sales and keeps existing clients happy with their ability to reach you when they have a question.

Virtual Reception Services Set You Free

One reason you might have missed calls from new clients is that you were busy meeting with the clients you already have. Meeting people in the office and at their homes is a big part of the job, and you never want those people to feel as if you’re distracted or too busy for them. When your incoming calls are routed to a trusted virtual reception service, you can afford to set your phone to vibrate, let the calls forward to the service, and devote your full attention to the buyer or seller you’re meeting with at the moment.

Answering Services Help Keep You Organized

When you take a call yourself, there’s no guarantee the information will be processed efficiently. You may be a very organized person with good work habits, of course, but not every real estate superstar is good at taking notes over the phone and juggling paperwork while holding up their end of a conversation. Virtual receptionist, on the other hand, do almost nothing but that, and they can really help you keep your work organized. When a client calls your virtual reception service, the call is handled by a professional phone-talker who has a system for taking notes and pulling necessary information all set up. For a business that deals in lots of paperwork, meeting schedules and personal contact, organization like that is worth its weight in gold.

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